Privacy Policy

We here at Quit Smoking Like a BOSS value and respect your Privacy.  Please read the information below and contact us for questions or further information.  This information is subject to change without notice, and will be done so only if necessary.

I. Selling, Giving or Sharing of Information

We here at Quit Smoking Like a BOSS do not sell, share or distribute any personal information given to us.  When, and if we use mailing lists, your personal data will never be shared or sold to advertisers or sponsors. However we are not responsible for the company used to supply the service. Any forms, polls, logins, name, password, or any other personal information will not be shared or sold.  If you send us an email,  we will respond accordingly but will not share your email address with any of our sponsors,  advertisers or affiliates.

II.  Analytical Data

All analytical data is collectected and solely used to better serve our audience, and to show our advertisers and sponsors that we are worth investing in (we may use our demographic data for advertising but never single out individuals).

III. Feedback and Social Media

  1. General

We like to mention and share our feedback, testimonials, we will never sell this information.

2. Facebook

If you post on our facebook, we may read/post your message.  If your message pertains to one of our shows,   calls or products we will read your name on our show and your comment.  We do not sell this info to our sponsors, advertisers or any third parties. However we cannot speak for how facebook handles this info (

IV. Affiliates

In relation to our affiliates, should we use them, we do not give them any information from our side. These companies gather their own information separate from us for example. Amazon does keep a record we can see what is bought through our code, but we cannot see who buys it, do not and cannot trace any thing back to you (the links for amazon are safe and directed strictly as shown and have provided for ease and convenience   Amazon does use tracking cookies to link us to you, so they know to give us credit.

V. Contacting Us

Thank you from everyone here at Quit Smoking like a BOSS, If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at , or use this link to contact us.. Updated: 10/05/15