Meanings behind the Symbols.

Okay. Last Thursday before the episode leaked, I was on the phone with Gisella and we were talking about the season, and where we see it going, and how it works into the meat of our thesis.
As many of you may know, Gisella and I have been working for over a year trying to figure out the hidden content in the Books and in the Show to see how the end game will play out. And in order to reach the end, you have to start at the beginning. 
I want this post to focus on the symbols. But in order to do that, I need you to know what Im talking about. 
1. Jon's true name is Aegon. 
2. Daenerys is Jon's sister and not his aunt. 
3. Jon is not a bastard. 
4. Jon is actually Northern Royalty and Targaryen royalty, making him a King on both sides. This explains why Lyanna is actually buried in the Crypts.
5. Viserion is actually Rhaego. And is Daenerys true Mount.
6. Jon is meant to mount Drogon.
7. Longclaw is the Name of the Ancestral weapon of House Mormont, But Longclaw is not a sword. Its an Andalosi Axe made of VS steel, And Mormont used his own history to tell the backstory of the sword which Jon wields which is actually Blackfyre. 
8. There is merit to there being 2 moons in the sky and one of them cracking and dragons being born. 
9. More than just Ned and Howland know about Jon's truth. 
10. That his destiny always placed him on the wall.

These are some of the big points, and not all of them are fan favorites. 
But Gisella and I believe that we can substantiate these claims through textual evidence. 
But we will move forward with this when the time comes, for now the symbols.

Thursday night, while discussing the next episode and the previews, I told Gisella the same thing I put in my predictions post. 
That there is mention of a cave in the Rainwood in one of Arianne's chapters from the Winds of Winter where she finds carvings from the Children of the Forrest. 
And my suspicions were confirmed when the episode was aired. They indeed did go into a cave where there were ancient runes carved by the Children. 
And so far the only reoccurring symbols/ glyphs have been the spiral patterns and Phi. We see these everywhere. On the God's Eye, around the Heart Tree, the spiral planet called the parabolic spiral or the Golden Ratio. 
Knowing this information I asked myself.

"If I was Daenerys and I saw these images for the first time, what would they look like to me, with fresh eyes?"

I decided to put that question on hold and ask myself what Jon thought he was seeing when he saw these things for the first time and or Bran for that matter. 
But I realized that Bran has nothing to compare it too, and neither does Jon. 
So I went back to Dany, to see if anything related to her. 
And sure enough, the first thing that popped up Is, the parabolic Spiral which looks like a Nebula or a galaxy. 
Now, most stars are balls of gas. 
And so is the Sun while the moon is comprised of mostly water.

"A trader from Qarth told me that dragons come from the moon (Female) He told me the moon was an egg. Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and it cracked from the heat. Out of it poured a thousand-thousand dragons and they drank the sun's fire." - Doreah AGOT

"Moon is no egg, Moon is goddess, wife of sun. It is known"

So here we have two references to the moon as being feminine and the sun being masculine.

"Khal Drogo was Daenerys Sun and Stars" Which I believe signified the beginning of her journey. Drogo is the name of a constellation that means Dragon. And Dany started feeling her inner fire when Drogo came into her life. 
If he was her Sun and Stars- he put his fire inside of her.

"Daenerys was the Moon of his life." - The moon represents rest and rejuvenation, but It is also referenced as the setting of ones sun. And Daenerys was literally the end of Drogo's life.

I think that it stands to reason that any reference to the Sun and Stars and Moons needs to be taken as a part of the same story and therefore part of it is literal, and part of it is figurative.

If I were Daenerys I would see two things, A sun in the middle of a galaxy and the image of a funeral pyre.

The children believe that the trees are the Old Gods, and The Dothraki believe that the Moon is a goddess. 
If the Moon is a goddess then the Sun is a god.

Earlier I posted about one of the signs we have seen. Ø= Azimuth. An Azimuth is an angular measurement in a spherical coordinates system.

The original name for the word Azimuth means "The directions." 
The Arabic word entered late mid-evil Latin in Astronomy context and in particular in the use of the Arabic version of the Astrolabe.

The mention of the Astrolabe sent my mind spinning with possibilities. The only place that I have seen an astrolabe is in the Citadel and in the Opening credits.
Basically, the Astrolabe is like a compass, It has a Zenith and it has an Azimuth and and it has a plane which is a flat space which runs at a point of infinity. 
A helix is also another type of spiral. Its a three-dimensional curve that turns around an axis at a constant or continuously varying distance while moving parallel to the axis

Im paying special attention to the Parallel theme here. They are two lines running parallel to each other, in a spiral pattern. Similar to DNA. And shared DNA is a theme in GOT. 
The Helix can be related to a Nebula, which means "Eye of God." 
And we have the Gods Eye in Westeros, Not 10 leagues from Harrenhal
So If the symbol for azimuth is Ø then the other symbol ϕ  is the symbol for Zenith. Which represents a vertical line typically going on for infinity starting at the (southern most ) lowest point which is 0 to the Northern most point reaching infinity.

So what does this all mean.

Since season one these symbols have been popping up all over the place. HBO would have us believe that they are a product of the Children who created them. And they are trying to communicate. But the patterns in the cave while they are speaking of coordinates and the reference point vs the Point of Interest = horizon + polarities which are running parallel in different planes = Time continuum. 
The fixed point is the Eye of God. 
And the constellations represent the suns, stars and both Masculine and Feminine polarities. 
But to create balance there must be three. 
Two Moons- Wives- Eggs- reproduction. 
One Fire, the other Ice. And the Sun in the Middle to balance them both. 
They also can represent constellations.
There is lore from the freefolk that reference a red planet passing through a constellation called the Moon Maid. The red planet, similar to mars is called the Wanderer, and is oft times referred to as the thief. 
The coordinates that are depicted in the cave could be any number of constellations but I'm just going by what we've seen in the show.

The Dothraki believe that the first man emerged from the womb of the world on the first horse over a thousand years ago. 
And the First Men crossed the land bridge into Westeros and are believed to have come from the Dothraki sea. 
The Dothraki also believe that everything of importance should be done under the stars and the moon.

Because these Symbols are not in the books, I can only go by what Mirri Maz did say to Daenerys.
When will he be as he was? 
When the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. 
When the Seas go Dry and the Mountains sway in the wind— like leaves.

Last season, the sun/son did rise in the west after setting in the east. 
The seas did go dry, while Dany walked the Dothraki Sea. 
And now, Winter has come to Westeros and the Mountains are blowing in the wind. 
The Drogo that was given back to her was not her Sun and Stars. He was an empty shell. He was simply a mount. You could lead him. His eyes would follow the sun, but he would not respond or move on his own. He was the Stallion that was sacrificed in the tent.

But he was only her first sun and stars. 
And in that Cave, Jon, a Male, Her polar opposite who has been a constant parallel to her is standing next to her. 
Daenerys is a Dragon. She has three Dragons. 
And The Dragon is also tied to three. 
Aegon the Conqueror came to Westeros with his two Sister Wives. He spent more time with Rhaenys than he did with Visenya. Of he and Visenya's line one son was born, Maegor the cruel. And he was Aegon's second Sun. 
But the Sister he was closest to gave him his first born Aenys who fathered the whole Targaryen line. 
Rhaneys is the egg that birthed House Targaryen who was meant to keep the realm united.

This trilogy thing is deep.

There are three types of spirals we see in the series. 
Archimedean Sprials which have two arms, one is visible the other is a mirror image. This is also seen as a galaxy.
Another is the Fermats Spiral, which is known as the Golden Ratio. This is a parabolic spiral representing polar coordinates. Examples of this are:
The hilt of Dawn with the half sun coming above the horizon. 
Daenerys Hive in Mhysa.
The battle enclosure in the BOB. Which is also similar to the symbol on Dawn. 
Drogo's pyre which was created in Zenith
While Ygritte's was placed in Azimuth.

The circle surrounding the inner circle of Drogo's pyre was similar to the Ouroboros. 
The famous ouroboros drawing from the early alchemical text The Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra probably dating to third century Alexandria encloses the words hén tó pãn (Greek: ἕν τό πᾶν), "one is the all". Its black and white halves represent the Gnostic duality of existence. As such, the ouroboros could be interpreted as the Western equivalent of the Taoist yin and yang symbol. The chrysopoeia ouroboros of Cleopatra the Alchemist is one of the oldest images of the ouroboros to be linked with the legendary opus of the alchemists, the philosopher's stone.

As a symbol of the eternal unity of all things, the cycle of birth and death from which the alchemist sought release and liberation
So the Dragon is essential to the regeneration of the planet.

I Dont know what any of this means for the long end, and Im running out of time for this post because I have to get myself together for work, But I will follow up later on. 
I just want to say that finally, we know that this situation involves Jon and Dany, because they are both opposites, Ice and Fire, and they are both reliving things that happened in their lives with one another. 
Jon says things that remind Dany of things that she has said or heard before. 
Dany mirrors the things that Jon says and feels. 
Both of them have experienced loss. Jon wanted to go back to that cave with Ygritte, who was Kissed by Fire. And then he finds himself in another cave with another woman who is literally fire. 
Dany wants her Sun and Stars to be as he was. But she burned him in a circle that represents the cycle of birth and Death. 
And now she is standing in a cave next to a man who fulfilled her destiny.
Her Sun and Stars has been returned to her. 
They are two magnets being drawn to one another.

And their story has been one of parallel. 
Im wondering still what this has to do with the Night King, and How being on the God's Eye will help to turn the tides in the war to come.

After Eastwatch was aired, I took more of a keen account of each scene looking for more symbols. I found a few and I added them to the photo slid above. 
But it was when Sam was leaving the great library of the Citadel did I finally see it. 
Above I told you that these symbols are a compass, a set of Coordinates. That they used these drawings the way we use a compass, and the earliest version of one of those devices is the Astrolabe. 
So if these are astrological coordinates then we need to know where they take us. 
And then I found this.

 The mirrors and the glass magnifies the heavens. The Seven believe that the planets are gods, and the gods are named after each of them.  This is a constellation. The coordinates lead you to these stars. Now we just have to find out what this constellation is called and the story behind it.

The mirrors and the glass magnifies the heavens. The Seven believe that the planets are gods, and the gods are named after each of them. 
This is a constellation. The coordinates lead you to these stars. Now we just have to find out what this constellation is called and the story behind it.