East-watch-by-the-Sea episode 5 predictions

Episode 705 predictions. Eastwatch

Episode 5 is set to be 69 minutes long. This will be the longest episode this season, and with the way that Spoils of War went I expect big things from the last three episodes. 
Im happy to say that I think these last three episodes will be ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️. 
So far we have had a lot of ends tied up and more confirmation that the long goal payoff for some characters is coming soon.

Lets jump into the episode.

Daenerys asks for the remaining army of House Lannister and House Tarly to fight for her, and swear her their oaths.

Cersei looks like she just received news that is not as good as she hoped.

Sam and Gilly are sitting at a table filled with books both reading and sam writing.

Daenerys returns back to Dragonstone where Jon is waiting on a cliff. Drogon lands in front of him and Jon just stands there.

Tyrion walks around the aftermath of the battle, the soldiers burnt to ash. And is on the battlefield watching Daenerys command the opposition to bend the knee or die. 
Later on at Dragonstone, Varys is telling Tyrion that he needs to get Daenerys to listen to him.

At Winterfell, Bran takes off with his ravens and flies north. 
Tracking the movements of the Night king. 
Bran then sends a Raven to Jon at Dragonstone telling him that his Brother and Sister are both home and Bran has seen the NK beyond the wall, marching for East watch.

So lets do it.

At the end of Spoils of War, Daenerys had landed Drogon, and the army, or what was left of the armies fighting for Cersei were either cooked or fleeing the Dothraki. And Jaime and Bronn were sinking into the River/ Lake. 
We open on the Battlefield, all the surviving Lannister and Tarly soldiers. Daenerys is saying that she is "not here to Murder, Bend the Knee and join me, or refuse and die."
I assume that their may be some resistance. There have been too many similarities between this battle and the Field of Fire. So I hold true to my previous prediction that Randyll and Dickon will both die. 
The fact that he was referred to twice as a dead Stark. Rickard and Rickon. In my opinion means that Randyll will die by fire and Dickon may die by an arrow. Or, they could just be burned. 
The others will see this and bend the knee.

In the aftermath, Tyrion walks what is left of the supply train and the army that fought and died for supporting the wrong queen. And he looks absolutely horrified by what has been done to the people of Westeros. 
I'm absolutely sure that Tyrion saw where Jaime fell in to the water. And if He is not pulled up by Dany's army, Jaime will swim downstream with Bronn and then make way to King's landing. 

Daenerys then gets back on Drogon and flies back to Dragonstone where Jon is standing on the cliff. 
Drogon lands in front of Jon and Roars right in Jon's face, but from the image still, he doesn't even flinch. 
I have been saying since the first trailer was released that Drogon looks like he is sniffing Jon the way he did with Dany the night she saw him on top of the great pyramid. I believe that it was Season five episode 501. She had just came from seeing Rhaegal and Viserion for the first time since she had locked them up. And it didn't go well, she ended leaving scared of them. And it seemed like Drogon could sense the fear in her too. Which is why he left again. This is literally the moment I have been waiting for all season. Jon finally interacting with a dragon, and not just any dragon, Drogon. 
Be prepared guys. Im going to have a total melt down if this is correct.

Inside the Castle we have a still of Varys telling Tyrion, "You need to make her listen." 
I don't know what that means. Is Varys plotting against Dany now? Or is Tyrion second guessing his ability to counsel her. Or, is Dany on the path of destruction and will not allow anyone to counsel her.

In King's Landing, Cersei is talking to Qyburn. And says, "What ever stands in our way, we will defeat it." 
I think that either this conversation takes place after Cersei hears about her Armies and Daenerys and her Dragon. 
Or she received a raven from a certain Northern guest, about the happenings in the North and the Movements of the King in the North. Either way, This was a hollow victory for Cersei. 
I also don't know how confident I am that the Iron Bank will actually support Cersei's claim to the throne. 
That is still up in the air.

Sam is at the citadel still from the new still HBO released today, committed to working those scrolls. 
Im absolutely certain that by the end of this episode Sam will be well on his way back to Winterfell and the North. 
I hope it is because he found more than a few helpful things within those scrolls. And I hope he also took some books that are well needed from the Restricted Section. 

 sam and gilly hard at work transcribing thes old documents. 

sam and gilly hard at work transcribing thes old documents. 

I am also predicting that Jorah will arrive at Dragonstone this episode because we did not see him last episode. 
Im sure it will be interesting for him to meet the son of Ned Stark, and Im also sure that it will make him wary of Jon as well. 
But Jorah wont know that Jon is the man his father chose to learn from him and groom for leadership, and the great affection that Jon had for Lord Commander Mormont. 
I do think that the subject of Longclaw will come up, and I also believe that Jorah will refuse it. 
I know that a lot of people wont agree with me, but I don't think that Jorah will ever confirm that he left it behind for a reason, and he doesn't want it back. I think he will simply say that his father gave it to him for a reason and that it wasn't meant for him. 
Because it's not. It is actually Blackfyre. I don't think that this will be confirmed, but I do think that Dave and Dan will elude to it.

At winterfell, Bran is going to check out where the Nk is and I assume how much time they had before the True War would begin. 
We know from the previews that Bran does find the Nk and his generals standing on a rock formation. 
with the army of the dead all around. 
Jon then receives a raven from home that Bran has seen the NK marching for Eastwatch in a scene with Jon, Davos, Daenerys, Tyrion and Varys.
Jon now finds out that Arya and Bran are home, but his focus remains unchanged, with the Night King on the Move, making weapons needs to become top priority. 

And Yes, I was wrong before, but I am certain that this is when Davos smuggles Tyrion into King's Landing, and they some how meet up with Gendry. 
Having Gendry to help weaponize the Dragon glass is going to be an asset, as he can also tell Dany how many of those Ballista's were made. 
I also think that Jon and Gendry will find common cause. Both being bastards, and Gendry's connection to Arya after the death of Ned, and even the visit to the Armory where Gendry was apprenticing with Tobho Mott.
I still also believe that this is going to be a moment where Tyrion and Jaime stand face to face for the first time since he killed Tywin. And now that Jaime knows the truth I will be on the edge of my seat when they do finally have the opportunity to speak again. I don't think that much will change by way of allegiance, Jaime still serves Cersei, and Tyrion still serves Daenerys who just set fire to what remained of the meat of the Lannister Army. But Jaime always sides with his family no matter what. So I suspect that he will be kind with Tyrion all the same. But ultimately Jaime will remain by Cersei's side and Tyrion will go home to Dragonstone for the time being. 
Now, I do have images from last year when they were filming to substantiate these theories. I don't know how many of these scenes are going to be used in filming. But I do know that there is going to be a scene in KL with Tyrion and Davos, and at some point Davos and Gendry and Tyrion all meet up.

This will be the last episode that Jon spends on Dragonstone, and I suspect that we will see him depart before the episode is done. With the amount of time that we have been allotted in this episode, I suspect that we may also see him land on the shores in the North, I just don't know where he will land at. White Harbor where he departed from, or Eastwatch where the threat is marching to.

I think that we will get more of Winterfell this episode. I cant say how much, because we didn't get much by way of previews. But based on last episode Arya arriving home, Littlefinger standing next to the rookery. The Catspaw dagger, and Bran's visions and Arya's skills. 
More of the same is what I am thinking. Littlefinger wants the throne, and Sansa wants to rule the North. Arya wants to protect her family, but she also wants revenge still for on those who wronged her father and mother and brother. 
And Littlefinger is great at manipulating situations to his benefit. 
So I think that we will begin seeing his plot come together and get a better idea of what his next move will be.

Back to Jon. 
Jon does not have an army to march against the NK north of the wall, so I do not think that this is going to be all out war. I believe that Jon is planning to go beyond the wall, and prove that the threat is real. And that it is bigger than this war for the Iron Throne. 
In order to unify the realm, there has to be a common cause. 
Being that Othor was able to be reanimated at Castle Black, Im sure Jon doesnt realize that the dead cant pass through or around on their own. So he also wont know that the enchantment that is protecting the realm from the Others is broken. Especially if his plans involve bringing one south of the wall. 
This will ultimately give the Nk the information he needs to make a move on Westeros. 
If and when this happens, It will more than likely be episode 6 because the Second to the Last episode is also the huge climax of the season.
Anyway those are my predictions for Eastwatch.

Written by Andrea Richards. 
You can find me on twitter and Instagram @Andrea_Richards637