HBO Has Released The Titles And Descriptions For The First Three Episodes

 Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

Earlier today, HBO released the first three episode titles and their descriptions. 
Though they are vague, I think we can draw some pretty great conclusions based on the descriptions and the names. 
As many of you know, there was a script leak late last year, and a lot of speculation has been drawn from those leaks. And so far, it looks like a great portion has been confirmed. However based on the two trailers that HBO has released, It would seem that there is much more going on this season than the leaks actually elaborated on. Lets make some guesses on our own. 

Episode 701: Dragonstone.
"Jon organizes the defenses of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home."

-Just after the season finale last year, I wrote this piece called "The Beginning of the End of Petyr Baelish" and I outlined what I believe will come of this upcoming season. And so far it seems like my Big predictions are about to be made a reality. The whole purpose of taking Winterfell and defeating the Bolton's aside from the fact that it's their home, is that people who Jon had helped to save were being threatened as well as his own family who he felt he had a duty to. 
But in his last scene of Season Six, Jon made a point to tell the Northern houses sitting in the great hall, "The true enemy won't wait out the storm, he brings the storm." So we know that Jon's main focus is to secure the defenses in the North. We all know that Jon's whole arc so far has been to unite and not divide. So in order to secure the North, he has to reunite the great houses of the North and prepare them from what is coming. 
However, there is no Wall to protect the rest of Westeros should the North fail, which means that Jon has a lot more uniting to do before the realm can properly fight off the impending threat. 

Early on in the filming of season six, we were presented with a number of actors and actresses who will be new to the show. One of whom looked a lot like Sophie Turner. I'm assuming that this would be the missing Alys Karstark, and the little boy who was also casted to a northern role will play a young Umber lord. 
This could be the start of this unity.

- Based on the intro for the first trailer, and the comment that Cersei made last season about having spies all over the Seven Kingdoms it would seem that Cersei is hard at work trying to keep an eye on any potential threat to her rule. But it wasn't the dialogue in the first trailer that gives this away, its where she is looking and where the camera takes us between the painted floor, and the Painted table that matters the most. 
Enemies in the East... The Unsullied and then Rosby and Duskendale. 
Enemies in the West... Greyjoy fleet
Enemies to the South... Vale of Arryn and what looks like an armory.
Enemies to the North... Karhold and Eastwatch by the Sea. 
One thing about Cersei, she's not afraid to utilize the enemies of her enemies. 
So we can assume we are looking forward to seeing how well she can muster up some allies. 

- We already know that Dany arrives on Dragonstone. What isn't clear is whether she will make it home in tact. Will her whole army make it there unscathed? That would seem highly unlikely. This description seems pretty straight forward. Her landing on Dragonstone seems like the most likely of places to make her base. One is unprotected and Im sure Varys would know this by now. And two it is the ancestral seat of her House. I don't suspect that it would take much for Dany to secure this seat as her own. 
And proximity wise, Its a great place to dock her ships and protect from incoming armies who may want to force her out. 

Episode 702: Stormborn.
"Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros."

This one seems a little more vague. 
Dany receives an unexpected guest. 
I suppose this could be a number of people. Jon and Davos, Gendry or Jorah. But the one person in the trailers who seemed out of place was Melisandre. It was a brief image of her, and if you weren't paying attention you would have missed her all together. But Melisandre is standing at the top of the winding stair on Dragonstone watching a small party be escorted up. 
I don't think that its Dany because the description clearly states that Dany is receiving a guest, not Dany is greeted by an unexpected guest upon arrival. 

Jon faces a revolt.
Well this is no surprise. As I said above, there is a good chance that the two characters cast earlier in the filming season to 'play the roles of northern houses involved in a High Stakes scene with main characters," are Alys Karstark and some young Umber. 
With all of the hype about Jon and Sansa not seeing eye to eye about how to rule, it would not surprise me if his decision to unite the North against the real threat is one that some folks would take issue with. 
Is he going to take highborn hostages from these two Houses? Is he going to give them their lands in exchange for their oaths? Or is Jon going to strip both Houses of their lands and titles? I would not be surprised at any of these outcomes. However my gut tells me that the harsher judgments are not Jon's way. He is all together different from any lord or King that the North has ever sworn themselves to. He won't attempt to unite the North by making the decision to divide the remaining men who can fight as a means of punishment. 

Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros. 
Last season ended with two beautifully shot battles in two completely separate locations. 
The North of Westeros and in Meereen. Upon Daenerys landing, she asks Tyrion, "Shall we begin?"
Dany realizes that his counsel is paramount to her success as not just a conqueror, but as a leader. One who can balance her. It seems only fitting that Tyrion, who knows the great Houses better than anyone would be the one who would set out to plan and navigate, and exploit the weak spots in Cersei's master plan. 
We also saw that the Unsullied are storming what looks like Casterly Rock. From inside and without, and that her dragons are in full force in what fans have dubbed the Field of Fire 2.0, where Jaime is commanding the Lannister forces who ironically are not in Casterly Rock nor King's Landing. 

Episode 703. The Queen's Justice. 
"Daenerys holds court. Cersei returns a gift. Jaime learns from his mistakes."

I'm kind of excited about this episode. and mostly because the description is probably the most vague of them all. 
We know from the past seasons, that the Queen's Justice could mean a number of things. 
In season one, the King's Justice was Ilyn Payne. The royal executioner. 
In season six, The Queen's Justice was the Mountain(Cersei). And our Eastern Queen did her own executions. 
This episode does not mention Jon at all, though this does not mean we wont see him. 

Daenerys holds court.
In order for Dany to hold court she would have to be receiving her subjects. But does Dany have any subjects yet? We have no idea who, aside from Olenna, Ellaria, Yara and Theon could be her possible subjects. But again we do have set pics that confirmed Jon and Dany will be meeting on Dragonstone at some point this season. I have a hunch that Dany is holding court to receive the King in the North. 

Cersei returns a gift.
This one seems pretty upfront. She is not receiving a gift she is giving one back. She doesn't have anything other than the throne to give back, so the only other option which would fit this description would be the sword which was given to Joffrey on the day of his wedding which was made from Ned's sword Ice. 
Since this was a Valyrian steel sword, it seems unlikely that Joffrey would have been buried with it. If we are looking back at history, VS swords are passed down in the line of succession. 
So at the time of Joffrey's death, Widow's Wail would have been passed on to Tommen, who was kind-hearted and would never need it. And upon Tommen's death, it would have passed to Cersei. But lets be honest, Cersei is all about not having to do much herself, and all about having someone else do what she wants. Its a power thing. She was and is not against naming a new Queen's Justice. And what better gift to this newly chosen person than a sword which was once owned by a man who could have blew up every lie and manipulation that she had been working at for 20 years by show standards. Since Jaime no longer has Oathkeeper, and Cersei believes that Jaime and her are fighting the same battles, why not return the other half of Ice to the man who she believes is devoted to her mind body and soul? 
My guess; she gives Jaime Widow's Wail. 

Jaime learns from his mistakes.
Honestly, I'm not sure what this could mean. Jaime has made plenty of mistakes, some that we can see as clear mistakes, and some that we can rationalize, like killing Aerys for example. 
But this is all together something different. Killing Aerys would not need to be a lesson he needs to consider again and change. If anything, this would be a great time to repeat history and kill the Queen. I just don't see that happening in episode 703. This one is going to work at me for 4 more weeks no doubt. 
Maybe this is about him setting Tyrion free. Maybe its about following Cersei blindly. Who knows? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and hear your theories on what we can expect moving forward. 
Are there any season 7 predictions you want to share? Let us know.