In Depth Breakdown of the HBO trailer for Season 7

     HBO released their first official trailer for Season Seven of Game of Thrones. It is action packed and full of some huge easter eggs. It extends the length of  one minute and forty-seven seconds and every bit of it is crucial. 
This so far has been the only full trailer HBO has released and with only 54 days to go before the season premier, there is a good chance that we may not get another one. We will keep our fingers crossed in the off chance that HBO decides to be generous. 

     This came as a happy surprise to me because yesterday I had the pleasure of reading an article by Entertainment Weekly ( about an interview that took place between Kit Harington and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on “the big difference this year on GoT”

 Nikolaj (Jaime Lannister) went on to say that fans should brace themselves:
“The upcoming season is an intense and fast ride’
And of course that makes a lot of sense, they have two books to cover so to speak to get to the end of the show, and only 13 episodes to go. But I didn't expect the pattern to change much from the past seasons.”
Episode 1: A recap and a follow up of the events the last season finished up on. 
Episodes 2-5: Catch up with the rest of the players, and build the bridges to tidy up plot lines.
Episodes 6-8: Build up to the convergence of key players and setting the floor for the final two episodes.
Episode 9: The big battle
Episode 10: The cliffhanger to next season. 

     Of course this list of events had to be shortened based on the fact that they are only doing seven episodes and not ten. So the big battle would have been episode 6 and the cliffhanger episode 7.
Next Jaime (Coster-Waldau)  goes on to say :
“I feel like I’d been lulled into a different pace,”
Everything happened quicker than I’m used to …  a lot of things that normally take a season now take only one episode.I”

Kit Harington goes on to confirm saying:
“This season is really different than any other season because it’s accelerating toward the end, a lot of stuff collides and happens much much quicker than you’re used to seeing on Thrones … it's so different than what everybody is used to. It's quite exciting.”

     As I finished reading this article (which you should read) I found myself getting all types of hyped up. 
All I could think was “How do you fit a whole seasons worth of content in One episode? And we are getting Seven episodes!” And all I could picture was Kit and Peter and Elmilia and Nikolaj etc teleporting all over Westeros like Littlefinger and Varys. 

      But when I woke up I had a notification that HBO has released the first official trailer for Season Seven and I was not anywhere prepared for what they gave us. 

      So I'm going to do a quick recap of the trailer, with commentary and we can try to draw our conclusions from that. 

     First thing I noticed was, there is definitely a theme to the way that this trailer was composed. 
It could just be me but It clearly seemed that the images flipped back and forth between both Ice and Fire. 

     We start off with Cersei’s back to us once more; I call this Ice because Cersei does not make King's Landing look to be a warm place anymore. 
She seems to be walking to a bright room.
Her monologue begins”
“Enemies in the East,”
“Enemies in the West,”
“Enemies in the South,”
“Enemies in the North.”

     Each line is accompanied by an image. 
East: Greyworm standing before an assembled Unsullied Army. (Fire)

 Cersei is now in the middle of the room filled with light standing on top of a huge floor map of Westeros. Similar to the carved table. She seems like she is trying to figure out what her options are, because as she implies, she is surrounded on all sides.

 The picture flashes to the Carved table of Aegon the Conqueror, showing the lands east of King's Landing with clear focus on Duskendale, Rosby and some of Crackclaw point. (Fire)

The image cuts to a black ship of House Greyjoy caught in a storm. (Ice- Due to the lack of sun) 

Screen cuts back to the Carved table, which now is closing in on the Mountains of the Moon and the Vale of Arryn. 

South: Some kind of weapon is being sharpened by a whetstone, a sword, spear, or dagger. (Fire)

North: Carved table which is directly above Last Hearth  and closing in on Castle Black and EastWatch by the Sea. (Ice)
The implication is there that she doesn't just mean the people of the North. 

Cersei’s monologue continues: (Ice)
“Whatever stands in our way …”
- She stands over the riverlands looking north
“We will defeat it.”
-She sits in a wooden chair in what could be private chambers, with a smug satisfied look on her face.
“We’re the last  Lannisters left,”
-Lannister army is marching to some undisclosed location. She sits on the Iron throne with Jaime to her left.

Camera zooms in and Cersei leans back with a very displeased look on her face.
“The Last ones who count.”
-Tyrion is walking toward the edge of a cliff. He looks up as he walks to see Daenerys dragons soar into the sky over the island fortress of Dragonstone.


This opens up on Daenerys Monologue. ( Fire)
 Daenerys stands outside a great entrance which open to reveal Dragonstone and a winding steep walkway/stair which leads to the Island fortress. 
As she looks up, her monologue begins. 
“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms,”
The camera flashes to her face as she beholds Dragonstone for the first time. Another image shows her kneeling down to touch the sand on the beach.
“And I will.”  She finishes
in The camera takes us into Dragonstone itself, and claims what she believes is her rightful seat as the Conquering Queen of Westeros.

     The next image is of the Unsullied storming a castle in what looks to be in the Westerlands. The keep is marked by the golden Lion of Lannister, with a crimson and Gold L above the archway. Itis not clear whether this is actually Casterly Rock, or Lannisport, but this is definitely Lannister land. 

      We move on to the North. Their scene opens up to another declaration of fealty to the New King who in the North. But it becomes apparent that this scene is not related to the closing scene from season 7-10 “Winds of Winter”. 

     Though, there are a few things still the same here.  Firstly, it's obvious that Jon sits in on the High dais directly in front of the hearth. Sansa is still sitting to the left of Jon. Davos now has a seat on the dais to the right of Jon.

     We enter into Littlefinger’s Monologue now. 
“Your father and brothers are gone,”
“Yet here you stand . . .”
     I watched this interaction very carefully and you know how HBO likes to lead into one scene with a hint from the last scene… well that's what’s going on here. 

     Sansa and Littlefinger are standing up on the walk path, looking down over the yard, Littlefinger is standing off to the shadows and he is whispering the first line in Sansa’s ear. 
     Then when he gets to the second part, we are flashed to the wall and the Ice gate at Castle Black is opening. 
We don't know whether someone is leaving or coming, but based on past seasons, Those men of the Night’s Watch aren’t venturing out beyond the wall any time soon. So someone has to be coming through. And it's pretty easy to surmise that, this someone is Bran Stark and Meera Reed. Hello… the “Your brothers are all gone” line was a clear give away. 

     Another thing I noticed, in reference to the Ice and Fire pattern. The spikes that cut into the ice to keep the Ice Gate secure are the same pattern as the candelabras that are in the throne room on Dragonstone… So, Ice/Fire in this scene. 

     The rest of Littlefinger’s monologue goes on:
“Last best hope against the coming storm.”
 Then the camera flashes a few images. 
-Theon standing amidst flames. (Fire)

-Melisandre standing high up on an island surrounded by water, watching 7 people ascend a winding stair that stretches up and up. I assume that the 7 people are Jon and Davos arriving on Dragonstone, the rest are their escort. 

So now, we have Jon (Ice) and Daenerys (Fire) together on an island made of fire. 

T     he next scene is a group of people running through a rocky pass into a wide open clearing surrounded by a thick blanket of snow. (Ice) 
And last, we have Arya in a wooded clearing with a light dusting of snow trying to light a fire. (Ice/Fire)

Davos’ Monologue begins:
“If we don't put aside our enmities… And band together, we will die.”
The camera now flashes back to twelve men standing in a circle with their backs to one another, almost invisible due to a wild snow storm raging. (Ice)
     Then we go back to Littlefinger standing in the shadows watching… we don't know who, but he looks like he is standing on a stair in an entryway. 

Next we see, a Dothraki horde racing into battle on a open green plain, leaping from their horses to attack from above their enemies

And a ship which looks to be under attack, and being boarded by another crew. (Fire)

Monologue continues. 
“And then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits the Iron Throne.”

     Dany stands over the carved table of Aegon the Conqueror, Tyrion stands to her left. 
There are pieces on the table which represent the houses of the Seven Kingdoms, and the domains in which they dwell. 
The houses which still stand have pieces which still stand, The houses which have been neutralized have their pieces knocked over.
Like a giant Chivasse board.

      Jon and Littlefinger in the Crypts of Winterfell, standing before the tomb of Lyanna Stark. Jon reaches out and grabs Littlefinger by the throat and slams him against the wall. 


Tyrion knocks over the Lannister piece on the carved table. 


The Unsullied storm the gates of what looks to be either Lannisport or Casterly rock, the soldiers who are defending the gate wear the garb of House Lannister, crimson and black. 
Arya looks under a bed. 
A charred arm reaches out of an open portal in a door.
The Dothraki continue battle against men holding long swords rather than Arakah’s. 
Jon running at full speed as something behind him is chasing. He is in full winter garb similar to the clothing he wore while he was beyond the wall. 

Missandei and Greyworm are undressing each other. Yara and Ellaria are kissing. 

A body is either thrown or jumps into the water while fire explodes overhead. 
A dragon roars, and then you see Viserion flying low as big as a 747 above the Dothraki soldiers riding into battle.

The screen cuts to black and then Jon’s only spoken words are:
“The great war is here.”

 I just can't with this trailer. Every time I look at it, I feel as if the whole season is unfolding right in front of my eyes. 
So let’s go for the in depth analysis. 

Cersei is now the Queen sitting the Iron Throne. From the first time we meet her, she has been a character obsessed with control and power. 
And now that she has it, she seems like she feels boxed in. 
However, I also get the feeling that as she is calling out where her enemies are, she is also trying to figure out a way to take them out of the equation. In some instances she shows us a foe, and in others we are shown places which may work to her advantage. For example, when she says there are enemies in the North, we get a flash to Arya… (which I'll come back to.) But then we get an image of the carved table on Dragonstone, showing us not only the North. But there is special focus on the areas closest to the wall, Last Hearth, Eastwatch By the Sea, and Castle Black and beyond the wall. 
Nothing at all that shows Winterfell, which makes me feel like she isn't looking at her enemies in the north, but enemies of her enemies in the North which she can try to ally herself with. 
Cersei has nothing to lose at this point, which makes her unpredictable and dangerous. 
She has a smug look when she talks of defeating what ever comes at her, but then while sitting on the throne she gives us one hell of a sneer  which makes me think… her plans are unraveling. 
Cersei at the end of the day is not one who was chosen by her people. She crowned herself, and in my opinion… she strikes me as the type to expect fealty based on the chair she is sitting in, not on her deeds or her ability to lead. 
Finally, the Painted floor, It is not totally lost on me. Everything that has been pictured in this trailer, has a purpose. It's possible, that even though they never actually spoke about the Valonqar prophecy we have had subtle nods. 
Cercei is standing on the painted floor, and she is facing the North. The place that she is standing is directly on the Neck. While her brother (little brother at that), is standing next to the fingers. 
There is also the dress Cersei wears, with the high collar covering her neck completely. 
It is ringed by sharp metal spikes protecting her neck. So, even though they did not talk about the Valonqar in the show, the visual aspect is there.

With Daenerys now in Westeros, a lot of things will change. Firstly she arrived on Dragonstone with one of the biggest armies in Westeros. After all of the fighting that has happened over the past 6 seasons in Westeros, Daenerys is a considerable threat to any house. Unlike her ancestor Aegon the Conqueror, Daenerys not only has three grown dragons, she alo have well over One-hundred thousand Dothraki screamers, and ten-thousand unsullied who on land are a sight to behold. 
She also aligned herself with Dorne and Highgarden at the end of last season. And both have a considerable sea fleet to match Yara and Theon. 
However, Daenerys came to Westeros believing that The Seven Kingdoms are hers by birthright, and no matter what she will rule. 
She is taking the decision away from the people which makes her no different than Cersei in this sense. 
However, I can't deny; seeing Daenerys set eyes on the ancient seat of her family for the first time almost caused a waterfall of tears for me. 
The way she looks up in wonder, and how she stops to feel the earth of her home right on the beach. 
I noticed right away that the stone seat Dany takes as hers is not something that was present while Stannis held the island fortress, but it's the candelabras that caught my attention. The sharp points look like dragon teeth. And it wasn’t until the wall began to raise that I saw the similarities. 
With Tyrion at her side, they have to strategize. No one understands the weaknesses of his house better than Tyrion. He will know when and where to strike to destabilize Cersei and make her act irrationally. Taking Casterly Rock as well as Lannisport would put both Cersei and Jaime in a position that will weaken their hold. 
Cersei now has nowhere to run should something run amiss in King’s Landing. 
And whatever troops that were left to protect the Rock have now been compromised. 
Which leaves her with only the troops that Jaime has been commanding. 

Based on the leaked set photos, we know that Lannister flags fly over Highgarden, and that there is a battle on land involving a dragon which leaves an army dead and burnt… I'm guessing that this land battle is won by the Dothraki and Viserion. And has more to do with the army marching away from Highgarden, while the Unsullied are taking out the forces in the Westerlands.
It looks like we are going to get a lot of dragons this season, and that means that Daenerys is going to be pretty busy herself. 
So far she is tied to two of the three conflicts on land so far. 
And a dragon presumably will also be involved with the battle at sea. 

At sea, you can clearly see that the ship is of House Greyjoy, though it is not clear whether it is a ship belonging to Theon and Yara, or Euron and the Ironborn. But what is clear is that this is a third conflict we will see in Season Seven. 
Theon is standing on a ship with flames all around, so I think it is him who lands in the water before the flame erupts above. 
We know that he survives some kind of conflict because Theon also arrives on Dragonstone. A leaked set pic confirmed this as well. Theon arrives, and Jon grabs him by the throat….
(It seems to be turning into a habit for Jon this season.)
 There were also a few set pics that circulated showing a fight between Euron and Theon on a beach. It looked at first that Euron had the upper hand, but in another image, Theon is sitting on top of what appeared to be Euron and he is just pulverizing him. 
So who knows, maybe Theon will get back to being the Theon we knew back in Season one… Not that he was a saint.

Back North, Brienne has made it home. There are new faces in the hall too, which I assume are the houses that refused to back Jon and Sansa in the Battle of Bastards. Tormund is now sitting on the bench along with the other northern lords. 

Now, who knows if we should be expecting a Northern King to take a Hand. But if by chance there is a Northern equivalent of a Hand, Davos seems to be that guy. 

We notice that Tormund now has a seat amongst the houses of the North. Lyanna Mormont is still among the crowd, we also get a brief glimpse of the Redhead who was rumored to be Sophie Turner’s body double also sitting amongst the lords of the North adjacent to her is the little boy who was casted alongside her for “High stakes scene, involving main characters.” It's pretty easy to assume which house they would be representing. House Karstark and House Umber. 
So we can gather based on the casting call, that there is going to be a bit of excitement at winterfell where these two will be present. 

And littlefinger is now to the left of the room watching from the sidelines rather than the back of the room hiding in the shadows this time. 
Sansa sits at the dias too… It looks like for now, Jon has named her his successor. Though I suspect that has more to do with the fact that they have no idea what is going on with Bran at the moment, and Bran’s return from beyond the Wall could change things up a bit for all of them. 
Arya is clearly no longer in the riverlands… we can see from other scenery that the snow has not started falling everywhere yet. She rides into a wooded clearing on horseback. She seems to be camping there because we see her in another frame lighting a campfire to keep her warm. 
Now Jon is in the crypts and Gods only know what is happening down there. 
Littlefinger is plotting, and I believe it is Jon that he was spying on from the shadows. 
I get the feeling that, just like in season five, he will approach Jon to talk to him about Rhaegar and Lyanna, but then it also seems too easy. The only other thing that I can see Jon getting worked up over is Sansa and how Littlefinger traded her away to the Boltons knowing what they were about, and what they did to their family. 
We will just have to wait and see... But I have a sinking suspicion that this is going to be the final straw for Lord Baelish. 
Littlefinger definitely isn't ready to give up on his obsession with Sansa, and you can see that he believes his words will win her back to his side. 
But you can also see that Sansa doesn't seem to be holding any animosity toward Jon for being chosen by their people. 
And here lies the difference between our Three ruling factions. 

Cersei took the throne by force and fear. 

Daenerys is entitled, and believes that the people should accept her rule because it is what she thinks she was born for. 

And Jon who has no dialogue until the final clip, is being elected by his people. They chose him. He did not force this on any one of his subjects, and it is clearly a position he is taking serious. 
 It's obvious that Jon is going to be all over this season. Winterfell, Dragonstone, and finally, beyond the wall… And the only thing I can think of that would bring him North, beyond the wall would be the Wight Walkers, but with only twelve men, he needs to have some tricks up his sleeve if he wants to make it out alive. 
Speaking of Dragonstone, Melisandre is there, and we know that Jon is going there too. I kind of chuckled at the irony in this. At the end of season six, Jon banished Mel from the North and Davos threatened her that he would kill her if he ever saw her again, yet there she is, watching them from high above as they arrive on the island. 
Poor Davos, he just can't get away. 
It makes me wonder however, does this mean that Melisandre may end up going back north again. 
The words that Davos used about putting aside enmities has me wondering who exactly he is referring to or speaking to. 
It's kind of funny, he could be talking about his own feelings toward Melisandre. He could be talking about Jon and Dany, though I'm not sure what would make them enemies so soon after meeting. 
He could be talking about the ongoing conflict between the Starks, the Lannisters, and what could end up being House Targaryen, which was going to happen anyway considering what was done to Rhaegar’s children and Elia, and Aerys and the rebellion. 
It could be in regards to any one of these issues. Including Theon and Euron… who knows. Only time will tell.
It looks to me though that we may very well end up with a full out Stark reunion. With the nod to the Ice Gate, I suspect that it is Bran who is passing through on his way home to Winterfell. And with Edd in control of the wall, Bran will either catch them up to speed, or Edd will catch Bran up to speed with Jon and his whole ordeal as a man of the Night’s Watch. 
I have a suspicion that Arya is going to make it home because we have a still shot of her peeking under a bed. 
I'm not sure what she would be looking for. At home she has no reason to hide anything anymore. Whatever she has done, it has kept her alive all of this time. I hardly believe that Arya will be forced to hide Needle and deny that she has had to kill to stay alive. So this has to be someone else’s room, someone else’s bed. 
I can't wait to see the greeting between Brienne and Arya as well as Brienne and Tormund.
Legit…. Brienne and Tormund are on my top 5 things I need this season. 
Speaking of couplings. 
We do have a sneak peek of Missandei and Greyworm getting it on. And another of Ellaria and Yara getting it on. Why not though… If Yara can't bag Dany, why not the freaky little thing in dorne who always likes a strong woman type… plus, if I'm not mistaken, Ellaria loves blondes. 

There is also the matter of this arm sticking through a window slot in a wooden door has a lot of people guessing… is it Septa Unella, Ser Jorah, or did someone survive the explosion of the Sept of Baylor or the burning field left behind by one of Daenerys dragons amongst the burning Lannister men who were attempting to battle the Dothraki in open combat.
Based on the look of the arm though, It's black and charred and splitting, It looks like the way that Lava cools hard and black, and red and veined. Only problem with this whole thing is, where on earth is that hand coming from… are they in King’s Landing? Are they at the wall? Is this Winterfell… It certainly doesn't look like the grey stone of Winterfell. But it could be anyone. It is clearly not a wight though… the hand has color and is burnt for sure. 

Lastly, when Cersei proclaims that there are enemies of hers in the South, They show us an image of a weapon being sharpened via whetstone. 
You can't tell if it is a sword, spear, or dagger, but people in the south don't tend to use swords. They fight with poisons and spears. 
If this is a sword… Could it be someone getting Dawn off of the mantel at Starfall? It's not too out there by way of theories. After all, they did make sure we got to see Dawn last season. Why bring it up at all if they didn't plan to reintroduce it later on in the near future. 

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the trailer, let me know in the comments. 


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