Season 7 Trailer 2.0

WOW! Lets just start there. 

There are so many things that I want to say, but I am trying my best to keep things under control, because I have a way of letting myself get carried away, but we have a lot to talk about so lets just jump right in. 

We open in the north. I want to take this trailer down by focusing on the different geographical places we are seeing, so this way we aren't jumping around as much. 


We open on Sansa in the Godswood, with Littlefinger's words lingering in the background. 

"Don't fight in the North, or in the South.
Fight every battle, everywhere, always; 
In your mind."
                                                                                           —Petyr Baelish

Sansa has this look of calm as she walks toward the camera. I could be wrong, but this line is not one I have heard him use before. However It could very well be one he has used in their past together. But the look on Sansa's face is one of resolve, and determination. 
Im getting the feeling that this "advice," is something she has been following for quite some time. Though, not the way that Petyr wanted her to. 
Sansa sees every threat for what it is now. And Littlefinger is one of the biggest threats left. 

He seems to be revealing a lot of his secrets in Winterfell. And he obviously still see's Sansa as a pawn to be moved around on a chess board. But Sansa is done being currency for the High Lords of Westeros. Littlefinger stole her from the Lannisters after framing her and Tyrion and putting her life in danger, then he murdered her aunt Lysa in front of her. Sure Lysa meant to throw Sansa through the Moon Door out of Jealousy, but just before Petyr pushed his Lady Wife, he admitted that he never loved her and therefor married her under false pretense. Then he allowed Sansa to believe that she was going to safety where LF would be getting married yet again, when she realized that he meant to bring her north to sell her to the men who murdered her family. 

No matter what he claims to feel for Sansa, no matter what he claims he wants to do for Sansa, She will never forget the way he "cared" for her. She has been fighting since the moment she leapt from that outer wall with Theon. She used Littlefinger to help reclaim Winterfell for her and her family. And it seems as if she is the one keeping him around for some big payoff later on. 

In the first trailer, we saw an image of the Ice Gate at Castle Black opening with some new adornments of their own. It now has iron teeth and spikes attached to the underside to help keep it wedged into the frozen earth. As I said in my last review, it looks a lot like the candelabras that are in Dragonstone... Im thinking that this triangular shape is going to be a theme... 
Anyway, we speculated that someone was either leaving or coming, my bet was on coming. And sure enough, that is Meera and Bran on the other side of that wall, waiting to be let in. 
I can only imagine the conversation that Bran and Ed will have once he makes it inside the castle looking for Jon. And Im highly interested to know who plans to escort Bran home. Now that Jon is King in The North, Bran is royalty, they surely wont let him continue on his own back to Winterfell with only Meera to pull him along. 
After that we see a flock of ravens flying and from the looks of it, Bran is flying, as the Raven's eye is white. From what Im seeing, it looks as if Bran is trying to keep an eye on things and people. But based on the images from the poster, and the teaser trailer, there is another player in the game who is also watching people and events. And this guy happens to have a link to our  "Winged Wolf," the Night King. 
And what do you know, Bran has a new pair of wheels. No more sleds for him. Slow rolling is out of the picture now, and he is INDEPENDENT. I asked the Discussion's page where they thought the wheelchair came from and someone reminded me that Doran had one, so Bran does too. 
and for fun, I thought Id say thanks to Doran for sending Bran a BRAND NEW CAR . lol.
I get the feeling from this quick flash of Bran that he will be spending a lot of time in the Godswood. But seriously, Why is Bran not looking for the root system of the Weirwood? Its gotta be in those crypts somewhere.

It also looks like the Starks kept on Maester Wolkan who served the Bolton's. I'm wondering if that is going to continue once Sam leaves the Citadel. I can't imagine him going back to the wall. Its not going to be standing much longer by the way things seem to be progressing. Interestingly enough, we didn't him at all in this trailer, Dan and Dave are being very specific whit what they are sharing. 

Im going to lump Arya in with the Winterfell group, because that look on her face seems very nostalgic. She looks like she has seen sunshine in the north for the first time in 7 seasons. 
And I can only imagine that she is looking at the walls of Winterfell for the first time since she rode for King's Landing with her father all those years ago. 
I may cry when I see her arrive at home. 
Sadly though we still have seen nothing of Nymeria. And we still don't have confirmation that Arya actually makes it back home. So for now, its all just a part of my wishlist.

We have a little shot of Brienne and Pod out in the yard. Im not sure if they are watching someone come or someone go, but I can only imagine what the conversation is going to be like if the Hound shows up before Arya does. Do you think Pod is nervous?

Im going to bounce back and forth a little bit, so if I don't mention a character in a specific place, It may just be, because I am going to bring that character up in another place. 

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The next place on our tour, King's Landing. 

Honestly, I'm shocked because we hardly got to see King's Landing at all in this trailer. While the other two have been heavy Daenerys and Cersei vocalized and Jon has only had a line or two which has in my opinion is the most profound thing said in any trailer. 
"The great war is here." 
This time however, Cersei is only seen once, and she seems to be in the tunnels of some sort. 
I cant imagine her leaving King's Landing for any reason at all, so Im thinking that she is in the secret passages, even though my gut is telling me this is something different! 
But being that I have never read about any secret caverns and tunnels aside from the Targaryen created passages, I can not speculate. 
Even though we don't see Cersei more than once, we can make some educated guesses about what is going on. We get a brief look at the Gold Cloaks who seem to be escorting someone into King's Landing. And Im saying King's Landing because unlike the other place with the Unsullied, the lion of House Lannister is flying on banners, not carved into the stone. And it made me think of a set pic released during the filming season of Ellaria and Yara being marched through King's Landing by Euron and the Gold Cloaks. And to back up that theory, we have the entire Greyjoy fleet— minus the ships thatYara and Theon took
Im trying to decide what the kindest situation would be for these two. Cersei on one hand and Euron on the other... Yikes! I don't like those odds ladies. Especially for you Ellaria, she actually cried for Myrcella.  
Cersei seems to have her hands in a lot of things this season. I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

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Other than that It does look like we get an image of (Bronn?) fighting someone inside of what I expect will be the Dragonpit. 
I know that some people have been speculating that this is going to be Clegane Bowl, but if I'm honest, I don't think that it is high enough on the list of important things to do before the series wraps up. I think its safe to assume that this, if it happens at all, will be something for the book fans. 
Sorry to burden you with that sad bit of speculation. 
At any rate, I can't imagine who Bronn would be fighting and some folks say that it could be a Lannister man, but to be quite honest all I can see is that damn beam of sunshine blocking his face. 
You be the judge and let me know what you think. Ill post a few side by sides for you to compare it to. 
My money is on Bronn... that belt is one of a kind in the Westerosi Market, as only Bronn seems to own it.

                  Bronn of the Blackwater or Sandor Clegane The Hound?

                 Bronn of the Blackwater or Sandor Clegane The Hound?

There are a million different conflicts going on at once, but these conflicts are not without purpose. In the end these conflicts will either unite the realm or ruin it before the Others have the chance to. But before we get into those, now would be the appropriate time to quote Jon Snow's first solo monologue. 

"For centuries our families fought together against their common enemy. Despite their differences; together. We need to do the same if we're going to survive. Because the enemy is real."

                       "Its always been real." 
                                                                                  —Jon Snow

After sitting here watching the trailer an innumerable amount of times, I started thinking about the way the scenes were shot and given to us. Who these families are that have been fighting side by side for centuries. Who's been fighting for Centuries? And even from a show perspective you can see the similarities between Aegon's Conquest and this War for Westeros. 
There is the Targaryen-Greyjoy/Hoare conflict. The Targaryen- Lannister conflict, accompanied by a house from the reach.  
There is the areas around the Trident which are largely empty right now, but that would really come down to The Twins and Riverrun and The Vale. I don't think Cersei has any hold on those areas. 
But the other area of interest is the North. House Stark vs House Targaryen, House Stark vs House Lannister House Stark vs House Baelish and House Stark vs House Greyjoy.
So lets see where this rabbit hole takes us. 
Firstly, we have some incredible images of the Lannister army preparing for a land battle. Some Archers, some infantry perfect battle formations, for all the good they would do with what was coming after them. And Jaime in the middle of it all. Commanding his men. 
It really was a good look for him. But my favorite moment was his charge on horseback through that "field of fire". What a coincidence, fans have taken to naming this land battle the "Field of Fire 2.0" because it is just like the last time a Targaryen came to conquer Westeros. However, unlike most show watchers, I am not of the impression that Daenerys is "Aegon come again," as some fans would have you think.
But here we go. 

King Loren of the Rock lived, riding through a wall of flame and smoke when he saw the battle lost.”
— The World of Ice and Fire — Aegon's Conquest.

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Now, Im not suggesting that Jaime is going to get caught and have to bend the Knee to Dany in order to be given his lands and titles. I think that when it comes to Dany and Jaime their relationship will be complicated at best.  Jaime never even wanted the Rock. He wanted Cersei. But the only way I see Jaime living through this whole ordeal is by the grace of his brother Tyrion.  However, this passage does suggest that like Loren Lannister, Jaime will survive this wall of fire too. You can see that Jaime and Bronn are in the thick of it and they seem to have some sizable force, but in the next image, you can see that numbers mean nothing against the army they are facing off with.  You've got to give it to Jaime, he is absolutely fearless. I can not wait to see this play out on the big screen.

With this comparison between Jaime and Loren Lannister, it is worth noting that King Loren Lannister paired up with King Mern of Highgarden who perished in the attack. 
However for this to be a true replay of events that would mean that House Lannister would have had to team up with House Tyrell, but the only issue is that they already sided with Daenerys. Im thinking that this means that someone else who is sworn to House Tyrell switches allegiance and joins up with House Lannister. Either way, if this is the case... they are dumb af... King Mern did not make it out bro.   

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Lets just take a small minute of silence to thank Dan and Dave for giving us proof that Dany can indeed mount all three of her dragons. Well, we don't have confirmation that she can mount Rhaegal, but we do have confirmation that she has mounted not just Drogon this season, she also mounted Viserion. 
I have been working on this theory with my partner in crime GisellaV. about the significance of the Viserion/Daenerys bond and I believe that Viserion is the child that was meant to be Rhaego. Meaning that he is the Stallion and Daenerys is the Prince who is riding. Feel free to weigh in on the Discussions page.

As swift as the wind he rides, and behind him his Khalasar covers the earth, men without number, with arakhs shining in their hands like blades of razor grass. Fierce as the storm this prince will be. His enemies will tremble before him, and their wives will weep tears of blood and rend their flesh in grief. The bells in his hair will sing his coming, and the men in stone tents will fear his name. The prince is riding, and he shall be the stallion who mounts the world.
— ACOK- Daenerys IX

So far it looks like the good news is, we will be seeing a lot of Dragon's this season. Which means in my heart of hearts, I have resigned myself to the idea that I wont get much time with the love of my life Ghost.  Sad days are ahead of us friends.
However, My oh my how those dragons have grown. 
The hind leg on Viserion alone made my brain hurt. They must have been eating whales and kraken's on the way across the Narrow Sea.

This seems like a good place to bring up Dragonstone and the Dragons while we are at it. 

We are getting some stunning images of the island that we never had the chance to see when Stannis was living there. 
How awesome was it to see Dany walk into Dragonstone and pull that Baratheon banner down. 
Reclaiming what is and has been her families home for centuries.
We get to see Dany walking along the beach at the beginning of Jon's monologue, and then again standing on what looks like a balcony looking out over the Blackwater. I suspect that she is having a conversation with someone. Im not sure who. 
There is also the fact that Dany is not just riding one but two of her dragons this season, confirmed. 
Drogon is on what looks to be the beach of Dragonstone, and earlier this season we have set pics of Dany and Jon on the beach both holding Dragon heads. 
And call me crazy but I have a feeling that this particular scene is Jon's first encounter with Drogon. 
There seems to be some speculation that it could be Rhaegal he is meeting, but in season five, there is a callback to when Drogon came back to Meereen to see Daenerys, but this was after she locked up Viserion and Rhaegal, and he had taken off. 
When she turned around and reached for him, she was cautious of him, and he was cautious of her. 
They had lost something in their bond. 
He leaned in and sniffed her, then he pulled back and flew away, and Dany was left feeling heartbroken. This clip reminds me of that moment, and It looks like he is sniffing Jon. If this is the case, what kind of effect will that have on Daenerys when it comes to Jon? Drogon has never shown curiosity towards anyone other than Daenerys. 
He has shown tolerance of others, but never curiosity. 

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It looks like Dany's three dragons are loving the open air, and the freedom that Dragonstone provides for them. 
We get to see them soaring over the island.
We even get another shot of Tyrion up on that cliff watching them fly. Although, the first image looks like wonder, and the second image of him, looks like either shock or worry. Honestly It looks more like worry to me than shock. I am highly interested in seeing what is going on with them in this scene. 
However, there is another hint in the beginning of this tour inside Dragonstone. Another visit to the painted table of Aegon the Conqueror.  This time special focus on Eastwatch by the Sea. 
And I know it is Eastwatch because I looked at more than a few images of the Painted table to see where Daenerys would be standing, and she is entering the Stone Drum and the open air is in front of her where the south end of the Painted Table is closest to. 
So that gives us a little bit of information as to where Jon and his party will be heading toward the end of the trailer. 
We also have a brief clip of Jon and Davos having a silent conversation with eachother. There's not enough of an image in the background but in my opinion, its a pretty safe bet that both are guests on Dragonstone.
And lastly there is an image of a small boat that is washed up on the beach at Dragonstone. I'll elaborate more on that in a bit. 

Dany has had her Unsullied pretty busy so far too. 
In the last trailer we were given a few brief clips of the Unsullied storming the gates of what I assumed was Casterly Rock. Though it was wildly debated in the community of whether it is actually Lannisport and not Casterly Rock, as the Rock has never been taken before.
But now we are seeing some new developments. 

Firstly, for histories sake, when Tyrion was 16 he wanted to go and travel the free cities and Tywin forbade him unless he planned to finance his own journey and planned to never return.  Instead he placed Tyrion in charge of the drains and cisterns. 
This means that Tyrion has intimate knowledge of the ins and the outs of Casterly Rock, and we all know that The Unsullied have never minded sneaking into a great keep or city via drains before. 
Which means, Casterly Rock is going to be under new management soon. 
And it makes me wonder, if the Field of Fire is actually a distraction from what is happening in the the Westerlands. 
We can see that as always with war, there will be casualties, and there is an intimate scene between Missandei and Greyworm kinda snuck into the scenes here that Im nervous that this could mean he doesn't make it. 

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Going back to Euron and Yara and Ellaria, we do have an idea of how this all goes down. 
In the last trailer we have some images of ships in the south, flames and a plank connecting one ship to another being used, and some bodies falling into the water. 
It looks like we have some confirmation that this battle is between the Greyjoys, both sides and more than likely Dorne. 
Earlier in the week there were some image stills released of Dany being ferried to shore of what one can assume is Dragonstone, with the Targaryen, Greyjoy Tyrell and Dornish fleet behind them. 
In this trailer we are given fleet of Greyjoy ships sailing directly for King's Landing. Assuming that Dany has decided not to sail into King's Landing first, I can't imagine her sending Yara and Theon in to KL solo. It just doesn't make sense. So, where the heck did Euron find so much wood to build said fleet? The Iron Isles have no trees?!?!?!?!
Now, I cant make out if that picture of Theon on the Beach with the random group of men has anything to do with Euron leaving him there with a purpose of a message, or if he just simply had some men who were loyal to him and managed to get him to shore, but this has to be after the battle of Blackwater 2.0.
And also, I could care less that Yara may end up captured... it changes nothing. She is seriously bad ass!

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Though all of this seems pretty intense. For me the biggest bomb dropped on us in this trailer is of the North, and what is going on beyond the wall. 

All year long there have been tons of rumors going around about this and that, and particularly involving the sets that they were filming. And we were able to get some images of a giant green screen set up in an area that looked like it could serve as the wall and the lands beyond the wall. 
And so far, it looks like we have a lot coming. 
First of all, they have some heavy hitters going north.
Jon, Tormund, Beric, The Hound, and of course, where Beric goes, Thoros goes.  
There seems to be 12 people beyond the wall on this ranging, though we still don't know who all of them are, we do know that we have a shot of 12 men standing back to back in a circle while the storm is swirling all around.  Lets take a look at some of the images. 

Click on image to reveal the next:

So it definitely looks like we have some really cool stuff going on beyond the Wall. 
Beric and his Fire sword. I don't even know where to begin. 
And knowing how much the Hound hates fire, I can't help but wonder what is going through his head standing next to a man with a burning red sword, and a hoard of dead men who can only die a true death by fire... looks like he is literally between a rock and a fire. Speaking of which, the last few images we have of Jon and his party he is alone staring back at that rock they were defending and there are flames all around, but no signs of his companions. 
I'm not sure if that means that Jon is the last man standing, or if that means that he is the last man remaining. 
I doubt that Beric's sword would leave behind that much fire. I find it more likely that help arrived. 
And Jon chose to stay behind. Because lets face it. Jon is the penultimate hero of this story, and he is prone to such foolishness. 
Perhaps though, before I continue to knock his style we cover the rest of this story.

When the snow falls, and the white winds blow.
The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives
— Ned Stark. AGOT

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Of course no ranging beyond the wall would be complete without Jon slaughtering another General in the Night King's army. One can only hope that this is the outcome. But come on! How likely is it that Jon is going to die and stay dead this season? 
I'm just not buying it. 
Especially with Beric and Thoros on set. 
I know that Thoros is partial to Beric, but Thoros is also a true believer of R'hllor now, and Jon was given the gift of life by Melisandre through the powers of the Lord of Light. Thoros knows that she is higher in rank than him. And if she chose to bring him back and the Lord of Light answered her prayers, I doubt very much that Beric or Thoros would allow him to stay that way for long. but the real reason Im sure that Jon does not die, is because it is him riding off on that horse at the end. Alone.

I have been waiting six seasons to hear Ned say this line to Arya, and the fact that it came up here reminds me that not everything you hear is something that is relevant to the moment you are hearing it. 
Like many fans, this phrase has stuck with me over the years. I have wondered and pondered many a time on who the Lone wolf is and never once did I consider this as an option. 
Like most folks, Im sure. I have always been of the mind that Sansa was the lone wolf. Arya believes she is while she is in Braavos, but Sansa never even had the chance to bond with Lady the way that Jon, Bran, Robb, Rickon, or even Arya had the chance to. Not only that, but she placed herself apart from them all pretty early on. Even Jon could not be considered the Lone wolf. He still had his pack. Even though they were miles and miles apart, Ghost had a connection to all of his brothers and his sister, and through Ghost, so did Jon. They are the Alpha's of their packs. Jon of the Starks and Ghost of his Litter-mates. 
But I never once considered that Benjen could be the Lone Wolf. 
And sure enough, I think that this is exactly who Sansa is referring to in this last scene. 
That is not Jon's horse, Jon was on foot running into that clearing. Horses dont just show up ready to be mounted North of the Wall. 
That horse belong's to Benjen and Jon is fleeing on it. 
Benjen who has been on his own for more than 18 years at this point is the lone wolf. 
He has been gone from the very first season, and he headed out on his own again at the end of season six. 
So, while the pack survives, the Lone Wolf will die. Benjen the Young Pup stayed behind so that Jon could survive and protect the rest of the pack. 
Queue the Feels . . . 

At last, the general feeling of this trailer reminds me of all the Conquests Westeros has faced over the centuries. 
The Long night. 
Aegon's Conquest
Nymeria and her 10,000 ships. 
King Harren Hoare. 
And the Pact of Ice and Fire.
By the end of this season I predict that Jon will have been asked to submit to Dany as his rightful Queen and he will refuse rather than kneel like his ancestor Thorren Stark. And not because he wants war with Daenerys. I think it has more to do with the fact that his people chose him, and there are more important things to be focused on rather than choosing a new Monarch to sit behind a castle wall and wait out the coming storm. And in all honesty, Daenerys has no idea what the real threat to the realm is, and she wont know unless she stops seeking out her own desires and starts listening to the people who she means to rule. 
Aegon conquered not to rule Westeros as High King because he was hungry for power, he chose to conquer because he knew that the realm needed to be united. And in this case, The roles of Thorren Stark and Aegon the Conqueror will be interchangeable between Dany and Jon. 
Both are royalty in their own right.  And Dany will not be able to rule a realm with no people living to rule. Eventually this will be the deciding factor. Dany will realize that she is better off joining with him than trying to conquer him. 

Let me know what you all think.