When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east....

When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east,
when the seas go dry.
And when mountains sway in the wind like leaves.
When your womb quickens,
and you bare a living child.
— A Game of Thrones Daenerys IX

Well, we never had confirmation that Daenerys was barren. We allowed ourselves to believe this because these tasks seemed impossible.

But so far they have been fulfilled.

Daenerys could not have known if she was barren if she was abstaining from sex after she lost Drogo.

But she eventually began to entertain Daario.

Once she flew off on Drogon's back, she began to experience what seems to be a miscarriage.

So, I'll go on to show you how this is proof that Daenerys is not barren. However she will birth no living children until the right time.


Dany wakes up the first time, and Mirri Maz Duur gives Dany something to make her sleep.

" . . . sleep, princess," Ser Jorah said.

"No," Dany said. "Please. Please."

"Yes." He covered her with silk, though she was burning. "Sleep and grow strong again, Khaleesi. Come back to us." And then Mirri Maz Duur was there, the maegi, tipping a cup against her lips. She tasted sour milk, and something else, something thick and bitter."

In ADWD. Dany X

"Just past midday, she came across a bush growing by the stream, its twisted limbs covered with hard green berries. Dany squinted at them suspiciously then plucked one from a branch and nibbled at it.

Its flesh was tart and chewy with a bitter aftertaste that seemed familiar to her. "In the khalasar, they used these to flavor roasts," she decided. Saying it aloud made her more certain of it."

"Her belly rumbled and Dany found herself picking berries with both hands and tossing them into her mouth."

An hour later, her stomach began to cramp so badly that she could not go on. She spent the rest of the day retching up a green slime."

First, Dany tasted berries that were bitter and chewy, she felt like the taste was familiar, but she decided that she had had them before with the khalasar. But she didnt know for sure. So she said it out loud to make herself feel more confident.

Next she was cramping so badly that she could walk no more. And she stopped to spend the rest of her day throwing up.

And of course it makes sense that she may have ate some kind of poison berry, but if the berry tasted familiar to her, chances are it is not poisonous. Not enough to cause her to shit water.

However, there is something that matches this.

The thick bitter liquid that MMD had given her.

The berries themselves could not be considered thick, but they are described as Chewy.

And when you grind something that is typically chewy into a paste or something of that sort, it typically becomes thick.


Now I have looked up berries that can cause Miscarriages and I came up with the Juniper Berry.

Sure it is typically purple when ripe, but most berries start off as another color.

Juniper Berries can cause Miscarriage.


Again in Dany X ADWD

"When she woke, gasping, her thighs were thick with blood. For a moment she did not realize what it was. The world had just begun to lighten, and the tall grass rustled softly in the wind. No, please let me sleep some more. Im so tired. She tried to burrow back beneath the pile of grass she had torn up when she went to sleep. Some of the stalks felt wet. Had it rained again? she sat up, afraid that she had soiled herself as she slept. When she brought her fingers to her face, she could smell the blood on them. Am I dying? Then she saw the pale crescent moon, floating high above the grass, and it came to her that this was no more than her moon blood."

So, we now know that Dany is used to seeing her moon blood. That it never stopped coming.

I cant speak for everyone else, but I assumed that her womb was basically hostile now based on the child she birthed.

But this passage lets us know that nothing had changed for her.

The blood she was having was vaginal not rectal. So we can assume that she is not experiencing total sickness based on the berries, and the cramping was the result of her flow coming.

But why?

"She was bleeding, but it was only a woman's blood. The moon is still a crescent though. How can that be? She tried to remember the last time she had bled. The last full moon? The one before? The one before that? No, it cannot have been so long as that."

Three months she had been without her Moons Blood.
                                                                                                   —Daenerys X ADWD

Three months!

And she seems to also let us know that her cycle is normal, regular even. She gets it when the moon is full though, not at a crescent.

So this flow is unnatural.

"Her belly was empty, her feet sore and blistered, and it seemed to her that the cramping had grown worse. Her guts were full of writhing snakes biting at her bowels." —Dany X ADWD

Those are some serious fucking cramps if you ask me. And if she had been regular, she would understand the way her cycle works.

And this cramping she is having would not seem like death to her.

Dany X

"As she splashed her face, she saw fresh blood on her thighs, The ragged hem of her under tunic was stained with it. The sight of so much red frightened her. Moon Blood, its only my moon blood. But she did not remember having such a heavy flow."

It seems pretty plain that Daenerys is not having her period. Her body is aborting a fetus.

She would not know what this feels like, because Mirri gave her Juniper berries mixed with what I assume is Milk of the Poppy to keep her calm and not feeling pain.

It makes sense because Jorah insisted she stay in bed to rest and get strong.

Because what she is going through right now, is so painful, walking is like torture.

The next time she woke in the tent, she was given dream wine.

When she woke again the third time, she felt strong.

She asked how long she had been sleeping and Irri replied "Long."

So, while we understood these tasks to be impossible they were not as impossible as she thought.


So, lets tackle this prophecy.


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.


Quentyn is the son of Doran Martell. Who's sigil is the Sun with a Spear through it.

Quentyn was sent by his father to Meereen to woo Daenerys and marry her. The goal had been to bring Daenerys' dragons back to Dorne.


But Quentyn got too cocky and he tried to take what was not his and was burned fatally by Rhaegal while trying to use a whip to tame Viserion.

So, the Sun/Son rises in the west, ( Born ) in Westeros.

And Sets, ( Dies ) in the East, Essos.

When the Seas go dry.


Daenerys sets off from the little cave in the Dothraki Sea that Drogon has been lairing in.

Daenerys has to make it back to Meereen but Drogon refuses to take her.

She saw a stream and knew if she followed it, eventually it would lead her to the Skahazhadan and then back South East to Meereen.


"Once she was certain which way was "South", she counted off her paces. The stream appeared at eight. Dany cupped her hands to drink. The water made her belly cramp, but the cramps were easier to bare than thirst. She had no other drink but the morning dew that glistened on the tall grass. and no food at all unless she cared to eat the grass. "I could try eating ants." The little yellow ones were too small to provide much in the way of nourishment, but there were red ants in the grass, and those were bigger. " I am lost at sea." she said as she limped along beside her meandering rivulet, "so perhaps I'll find some crabs or a nice fat fish."


So here we have Dany walking aimlessly in a wide open area, following a stream that is getting smaller and smaller.

And she thinks to herself. I am lost at sea.

I have often believed that the "Dry Sea" would be the Dothraki Sea. But not until I read this again had I realized that this was the second step in her impossibilities.

 Drogon flying over the Dothraki Sea.

Drogon flying over the Dothraki Sea.

When Mountains sway in the wind like leaves.


I thought I had this one figured out for a while too.

Firstly, the Red Mountains of Dorne are the barrier between Dorne and the rest of Westeros.

and Dorne is a Desert. So what do deserts have? Sand Dunes. Mountains that sway back and forth.

But I wanted to be sure.

Then my partner in crime found a passage in AGOT.


Tyrion II

" The Flint hills rose higher and wilder with each passing mile. Until by the end of the day they had turned into mountains. Cold blue-grey giants with jagged promontories and snow on their shoulders. When the wind blew from the north, long plumes of ice crystals blew from high peaks like banners."


So this made sense, Snow and Ice blowing off the mountain tops that looked like Banners made a ton of sense. Banners blow like leaves in the wind. But what are the odds that GRRM is talking about a literal Mountain?

Or maybe, GRRM means, more than one example of a mountain swaying like leaves.

And again, I found a passage in ADWD that gave me pause.




"Wun Wun did not hear nor did not understand. The giant was bleeding himself, with sword cuts to his belly and his arm. He swung the dead knight against the grey stone of the tower, and again and again and again, until the man's head was read and pulpy as a summer melon. The knights cloak flapped in the cold air. Of white wool it had been, bordered in cloth-of-silver and patterned with blue stars. Blood and bone were flying everywhere.

Men poured from the surrounding keeps and towers. Northmen, free folk, queen's men . . . "Form a line," Jon Snow commanded them. "Keep them back. Everyone, but especially the queen's men."

The dead man was Ser Patrek of King's Mountain; his head was largely gone, but his heraldry was as distinctive as his face."


So here we have another Mountain, swaying in the wind. His cloak flapping and he is being swung back and forth by the Giant Wun Wun.


I could be wrong in assuming that this has anything to do with the third impossible task of Daenerys, but it's possible that some of these tasks have nothing to do with Daenerys at all, and they just need to happen to bring Dany on the next portion of her journey.

 Ser Patrek of King's Mountain.

Ser Patrek of King's Mountain.


When your womb quickens...


We just explained that Dany has always had the ability to get pregnant, but It is rather difficult to conceive when you have abstained from intimacy for so long.

However, Daenerys began a sexual relationship with Daario once she settled in Meereen and she became to care for him.

Being that she had just wed Hizdar and they had consummated their vows only once. I have reservations on whether he could be the father of a fetus that is by all rights, 3 months along.

Unfortunately MMD has allowed us to see that she will have no issue getting her womb to quicken, but birthing a living child is wholly something different.

And until this living child is born, Daenerys will be separated from her sun and stars.



Also there is another set of tasks that Daenerys is given by Quaithe.


"To go north you must go south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward, you must go back. To touch the light, you must pass beneath the shadow.


Some of this has also been completed in this post.

But I think I will do another post about this later on.


Let me know what you think.