I have questions concerning the Pink Letter.

Something about the Pink Letter sent to Jon by Ramsay Bolton is bothering me. I have Questions.

—Who told Ramsay that Mance had a son they were calling a prince, a sister in law who was called a princess and

—who told Ramsay that Shireen and Selyse were still at Castle Black but Davos wasn’t?

—Since when did Northern Houses start referring to the Men of the Night’s watch as black Crows?

—When has George ever announced a death of a major character before his PoV is killed off first?

Stannis is still alive in the books. He has Theon and Jeyne Pool. And this is in TWOW

—So how did Mance not escape in Seven Days?

—How did Stannis manage to rid himself of Theon and Jayne and Asha in said 6 days or so before he was slain.

Again, it makes no sense to announce that Stannis was defeated in 7 days of battle, when Theon reported that Stannis was Three days ride from WF.
How did Theon who was injured manage to get Jeyne to Stannis's war camp prior to Ramsay engaging Stannis?

Im leaning toward the fact that this could very well be the work of Mance Rayder himself.

In ASOS Tormund tells Jon, " Mance was raised by a crow, and the Crow is a tricksy bird." 
This was proven when it was revealed to Jon that Mance lived.

It seems to me that Mance could be the culprit behind the Pink Letter. Or Rowan. Or even possibly Lord Manderly. 
But I find it highly unlikely that Mance was easily taken captive. 
Theon even thinks of how he and Robb used to train on the tower steps.

"He and Robb fought many a heroic battle on these steps, slashing at one another with wooden swords. Good training, that; it brought home how hard it was to fight your way up a spiral stair against determined opposition. Ser Rodrik liked to say that one good man could hold a hundred , fighting down."
And Mance was more than a good man. He was great.

Anyway. These are some of My Questions. Do you see anything here that looks out of place?