New Set Pics Pod, Sam, Lord Beric and more.

         Today, we got a ton of newly released pics from Game of Thrones, Season 7. And the great news is that these images were of characters that we have yet to see in the full length trailer that HBO released about two weeks ago.

        It seems like we are getting new content to work over while we wait for July 17th to finally put us out of the misery we have been living for the past 14 months. 
There are still so many things that we don't know, so Behind the Iron Throne decided to check them out and possibly give our intreptation of what we may be seeing in this season.

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So, we can see from these images that both Sam and Gilly are still at the citadel. 
We knew from previous set pics, and the teaser trailer that Gilly and Sam are still searching through the records being held in the Citadel's vast library. The last time we got a close up image we were able to see that Gilly had found a passage speaking about the Jade Compendium. And as we all know, this book covers the story of Azor Ahai, and Lightbringer. So the biggest question is, are these books all a part of that same scene or are they something more. 
We see Sam here with a pile of old tomes. And since we know that Gilly isn't allowed into the Library, or even the citadel in general, we are wondering if Sam is actually checking these books out and bringing them back to where Gilly Sam and Baby Sam are being boarded.  I'm highly interested in finding out what these books are. From what I can see of them, the camera is too far out to get a clear idea of the wording. 

 The Lightning Lord. Beric Dondarion.

The Lightning Lord. Beric Dondarion.

         Last season we were given a hint as to what was on the agenda for the Brotherhood without Banners. Beric and his Brotherhood had decided that they were going to travel North to aid in what they believe is the big threat. And since the release of the official trailer, we know that the snow has not reached every province in Westeros.  We can see that Lord Beric is not traveling alone. In fact, it looks as if he has quite a few companions with him. We were also gifted a while back with a photo of The Hound who also appeared to be in the North, so I hope this means that Arya and Sandor will have the chance to reconnect. 


Now here is a face that I have been waiting to see since Brienne and Pod escaped Riverrun in a paddle boat when Lannister forces took the keep. 
I don't know where you've been bro, but welcome back!
Ironically, while we know that Brienne is with him most, always. There has been not a inkling of information released about Pod since last season. 
From this image, It would appear that Pod is standing in the yard of Winterfell. He seems to have a concerned look on his face. 
But more importantly, Tyrion is landing in Westeros. Will Pod abandon Brienne for our sweet Tyrion? It's a bit bitter sweet, is it not? As much as my heart was hurt for Tyrion and Pod when Jaime tasked Brienne to keep him safe because his connection to Tyrion put him in danger. 
I have grown attached to this twosome. I don't want to see Pod have to leave yet another person who he was meant to squire for.  And lets be honest, Pod has grown exponentially since becoming Squire for Brienne. 


         I'm calling this image, Queen's Landing. It is unclear whether or not Dany is actually landing for the first time at the Island Fortress of Dragonstone, or whether she is meeting someone. But being that her closest people are in the background, and not at her side, this could definitely be the first scene we get of her arrival on Dragonstone. 


         This is totally Dragonstone. Her closest advisers and her unsullied are guarding the fortress, Daenerys seems to be having her first tour of her new home. It doesn't seem like she is already familiar with her surroundings as it appears that she is taking in the scenery of her families ancestral seat. 
         Out of curiosity, does any one else wonder if she will find the Dragons eggs that have been there since the Targaryens arrived 426 years ago?

Bran makes his appearance still north from what I'd wager. Somehow Meera has fashioned him a sleigh made of tree branches. I find it hard to believe that once South of the Wall, Ed would allow Meera to pull Bran all the way back to Winterfell. It seems to me that Ed would not let Bran and Meera journey south unaccompanied anyway. I wonder who he will send?

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         The last set of images we see are all of the North. I think we all knew that Lady Lyanna is going to be a constant this season. And it would not surprise me if Lyanna and Sansa ended up aligning themselves. Sansa is wary of people now, she is lest trusting of the people who enter her life. And it seems to me that Sansa can appreciate another Lady who is fearless and is not hindered by gender standards. Lady Lyanna has every bit of courage and shrewdness to make her a perfect candidate for leadership. And Sansa is surrounded by people who are for the most part, all male. 
         A lot is going on in the north this season. So I get the sneaking suspicion that we will be spending a lot of time in the Great Hall, overseeing the resettlement of the North now that House Stark is back in power.
         In the next image of the Great Hall, we can see that Jon is still in Winterfell, and we also get a feel for where each person is within the room. 
The first image of Lyanna, she is standing, and she is not facing forward, she is standing to address someone who is on the opposite side of the room from her. Being that Baelish is lurking in the background we know it's not him. And of course no conversation involving Lady Lyanna would be complete without her taking these High Lords and cutting them back down to size. 
However, with this all happening last season. It looks like she may be addressing someone who was not in the chamber with the Lords at the end of season 6.
  It seems like Jon is also addressing the men and women of the North. It could be to quash a disagreement, or to simply bring order. But from what we know of Jon. He does not use his words unless he has something of value to say. 
We can also see that Brienne and Pod are present, as is Maester Wolkan who served the Boltons.
Can we trust him? 
And finally, the Knights of the Vale also seem to still be present in the North. 
Did the Vale swear fealty to the King in the North? Or are they just hanging around to provide security? I'm interested in seeing how this whole thing plays out with Lord Royce and the lies that Petyr told about how Sansa ended up in the care of the Boltons. I highly doubt that this is a secret that Jon needs or wants to keep at this point. 
Lastly, where is Sweet Robyn? 

         And finally we have an image of Jon and Davos on horse back. It looks to me that they are setting off on a journey. Whether it be for Dragonstone, as we anticipate his and Davos arrival at some point in the season, or North to get some exercise as we saw from the trailer, is yet to be seen. 
          Over all, it seems like we are getting a lot of things, a ton of content, and a lot of excitement this season. 
What do you think about this all? Let us know in the comments. 

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