Season Seven Show times Released.

 Photo credit: HBO and Entertainment Weekly

Photo credit: HBO and Entertainment Weekly

So It would seem like HBO is on a role lately, for the first time in I believe ever, they have released the full list of airing times per episode in this upcoming season. 

    Now it was hinted by the actor Ian Glenn (Jorah Mormont) that HBO is working with about 15 hours worth of content for both Season 7 and Season 8 combined, so there was some speculation as to whether the episodes would be longer. 
Some folks thought maybe each episode would be slightly longer, and there were other folks who hoped that we would get an extra long finale. 
Well, wait no more. 

701- 59 minutes
702- 59 minutes
703- 63 minutes
704- 50 minutes
705- 69 minutes
706- 71 minutes
707- 81 minutes

Thats right, this season is releasing two episodes which run around the same times as some Cinematic movies. 
I dont know about everyone else, but this is a huge deal for not only me as a fan, but for well, all of us. 

   With all of the news going around, about the content and how much Dave and Dan will be able to fit into each episode, its no surprise that we will be getting an extra long finale. 
And as our story progresses the cinematography is only getting better. 

As I brush up on our season by season rewatches, I keep seeing more and more foreshadowing that I have never noticed before. And I cant help but wonder if these last two seasons we will get to see our favorite characters fulfill the destinies that we have been speculating over for the last  7 years of Game of Thrones and the last 21 years of ASOIAF.

     So, what do you think about these show times? 
  Let us know in the comments. 

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